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Male engineer at a construction site with a tablet computer

At FIVE S, our employees make the critical difference. Our project team members have a commitment to excellence. FIVE S employees are master craftsmen, lifelong learners, knowledgeable and skilled in their crafts, and resourceful when new challenges come they create innovative solutions.

FIVE S, understands one of our most important asset is our people. Their success is our success. Those who work at FIVE S seek more than jobs. They want to grow their career and increase their capabilities. FIVE S offers that opportunity. FIVE S supports our employee’s talent, provides leadership development, on-the-job skills-building and training opportunities. FIVE S employees understand that their future is tied to our client’s satisfaction.


FIVE S INDUSTRIAL is seeking subcontractors and vendors to bid their construction services, materials and products for projects. Send us an email and a FIVE S INDUSTRIAL Representative will be in contact.


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