Five S operates as a civil construction firm, that engages in purchasing, excavating, transporting, and selling dirt, clay, soil, aggregates and or other fill material for earthwork and soil stabilization to various commercial, industrial and public projects. Headquarters are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a satellite office in Sulphur, Louisiana. Five S is defined by its people – honest, experienced, forward-thinking, professional and hard-working. Our team members form collaborative relationships with owners, developers, design teams, subcontractors and others to assist in delivering the most desirable and economical solution to the construction goal.

Whether your project is a commercial / retail center, a medical facility, a school, or housing, FSC’s experienced crews and large compliment of machinery and equipment can deliver in a safe and timely manner.  FSC provides complete turnkey services ranging from clearing and grading, to drainage and utility installation, lift stations, sub-base and base installation, and high-quality concrete or asphalt paving.

FSI specializes in providing quality construction materials in mass quantities to the industrial construction market. FSI offers a unique approach to large-scale earthmoving in the industrial sector both by land and sea. Haul routes and cycle times define the plan, but timely execution is a function of machine power. FSI is able to achieve more production per hour on mass grading projects than any of our competitors.

Over 250 hauling units, including side dump, tri axle and end dumps, are available through FST, with the ability to employ more as clients’ demand increases. Our hauling services range from delivering rock to commercial developments to servicing an industrial plant site.

Aggregate products are required for almost every area of construction. With the numerous large industrial construction projects and coastal restoration projects slated over the next few years in the Southwestern Gulf Coast area, FSA is poised to meet the demand for large bulk quantities of aggregate through both domestic and international supplies.



Safety is an integral part of our business. It goes hand-in-hand with production and quality. The safety of our employees, subcontractors and clients comes before all else.  We are constantly looking out for one another, so at the end of the day, everybody goes home to their families.


Five S enjoys and wishes to continue a strong industry reputation through sustained and disciplined growth that continues to advance confidence in all of our stakeholders. Bottom line, we are passionate about our success.  It is the fuel that drives us forward.  As a result, we care more, risk more, and expect more than others think is possible.


We firmly believe that efficiencies can produce superior products without sacrificing quality. Five S recognizes that we are merely stewards of the time, money and talents of our stakeholders. Therefore, we constantly measure ourselves to insure we are good stewards of the resources allocated to us. If it is not necessary, then we ask why are we doing it?


Five S believes that setting common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other is the only way to do business. We also believe there is more to business than just business.  Five S believes that work should and can be fun without sacrificing other core values.


Every decision and every action taken by Five-S is done with highest standards of ethics. We promise that every person we come into contact with in our business will be treated with fairness and respect. We value not only different opinions, but also experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.


We thrive on innovation and ingenuity. We are not hindered by challenges, but instead we see problems as opportunities. Five S seeks out cutting-edge, emerging technology or creates its own. We relish in fresh, diverse perspectives and reward those who deliver alternative thinking. The vast knowledge and experience of our team uniquely qualifies us to meet the challenging demands that our clients face on a daily basis.